How it works

How it works

You want to get widened steelies? We are happy about your order, so to guaranty a great process we will tell you how it works.

Step 1: Your Order (Widening)
Here you can choose the size of wheels and how much we will wide them. Please note that you have ordered the correct number of items.

Step 2: Your Order (Finish)
You want further processing your wheels? We can Sandblast oder Powdercoat them, also get sure you ordered the correct number of items.

Step 3: The Payment/The Shipping
To wide your steelies you have to send them to us.
Please send them to:

Mail Boxes Etc.
c/o lx.steelies
Bruenner Strasse 10
04209 Leipzig

So to know which steelies are for what order, please add your invoice to the shipment.
You will receive the invoice after the order by E-Mail.

Step 4: Delivery Time
For widening your steelies you have to calculate with 10 Businessdays of work after we get you wheels. If you choose a finish the delivery time will be additional. (so for sandblasting: +1 businessday, for powdercoating: +10 businessdays).
Of course we try our best in get your orders done very fast, so these times are the maximum till wheels will be on the way back to you.

Step 5: Shipping
We send your widened steelies to the adress you saved as delivery adress in your order.
The transit time you can see here.